The A.I. Agency

Algorithm design & data science consulting. Tailor made.

Data and algorithms are changing the way we tackle challenges in almost every field and business.

The ability to extract and harness the value hidden in data is increasingly vital to innovation and staying competitive.

Jalgos designs and implements custom algorithms and visualizations to make the most out of data.

Algorithm design

Insight discovery

Exploratory analysis uncovers usable signals and meaningful insights. It is the basis of any efficient prototyping in A.I. and data science, and the foundation of any succesful data project.
Moreover, uncovering internal structure of data is key to innovate through a better understanding of the studied field. By interacting with data through rigorous statistical techniques on one hand and with experts of the domain on the other hand, we allow you to make a step further in the way you solve problems.


Building on the insights, patterns, signals detected in the data and the interactions with domain experts, we design the optimal mathematical model to solve the problem and implement it as a usable algorithm.
Our algorithms are tailor-made. Each problem and company requires a specific algorithm, dashboard, and set of solutions. Thanks to our extensive libraries, experience and expertise, we develop algorithms that perfectly fit your specific needs in an efficient matter.

Data strategy and consulting

Data strategy

Before any data anlaytics, we help you identify the opportunities, define the priorities and assess the expected returns of your data projects. We accompany our clients in their data transformation, providing consulting on which strategy to adopt, which technologies to use, and how to build and organize the data teams.
In addition, we provide data science-backed strategic consulting, allowing you to base your decisions on sound bases.
Finally, we help your management and technical teams take a step further in understanding the new methods, techniques and technologies related to data and how they can be used for your business.

Data visualization

Making data human-readable and available in real time can have tremendous value added, whether it is the output of an algorithm or just simple ratios and metrics. Furthermore, algorithms need humans to interpret their results, and take the final decision. Understanding the output of an algorithm is thus critical for a succesful use in production, and proper visualization is a very efficient way to convey this information.
We design and develop dashboards and custom visualizations for you to access and communicate the relevant information easily.